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With safety-enhancing color terrain mapping and alerting, Garmin takes portable aviation GPS to a whole new level.



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TRAST Aerosupermarket- provides the product delivery to Africa, Middle East and Central Asia Regions.


Trast aero supermarket offers Garmin GPS 196 – a reliable universal portable navigator with advanced features: wide screen, exceptional digital screen characteristics with moving map graphics, super processor, up-to-date Jeppesen database, compact size.

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The Garmin GPS 196 guarantees you a reliable navigation everywhere you may need: in water, land or air environment. The main advantages of the model are a wide screen and portability. The manufacturer successfully managed to combine the enlarged screen with the same compact overall size adding to the top features developed to an outstanding standard resolution and contrast as well as a super powerful processor allowing exceptionally fast map redrawing.
The Garmin GPS 196 provides the detailed moving map graphics, HIS steering guidance, up-to-date Jeppesen database and all other useful and necessary options which are naturally expected and highly appreciated by any pilot.
The Garmin GPS 196 automatic log book allows to calculate the flight time an automatically saves the departure and arrival details. Also there is a feature allowing to automatically outline a requested route and to get the precise directions once you specify your location.